Large  $24.00

Range in height from 12" -15"

Medium  $19.00
Range in height from 10" -12"

Black walnut

Small  $14.00
Range in height up to 10" 


​Best Value!!

As everyone knows, it's best to decorate in groups of three. So we've put together a "Triple Tree Pack".  You get 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large tree

for only $50.00.  Save over 12% 

Decorative Trees.

These trees are hand crafted from limbs and logs cut from discarded tree tops.  Each tree is unique in size, shape, and color, like the trees they were made from. No sealers, stains or finishes have been used. The natural rustic look and feel of the trees will fit nicely into any room décor.

Trees are available in black walnut, and maple.